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What do you need to watch out for?

Over the years we've set up hundreds of Google Analytics and Facebook configurations to accurately track conversion data across multiple platforms, and using more advanced tools like Google Tag Manager. As ads specialists we know how important getting the right data is.

We've also seen third parties or internal teams set up GA4 incorrectly which means the data could at best not be collecting all the insights you need to be confident with your digital marketing activities, and at worst it could be telling you lies.

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Who Are We?

Fully Charged Media are digital marketing specialists with a focus on analytics and paid advertising, especially Google Ads.

We are passionate about data and ensuring businesses can be confident in their data so you know what's working, and as importantly what you need to pay attention to, or reduce focus on.

This has lead to us running campaigns being confident of return on ad spend of up to 38x!!! (this isn't always the case but it can be)

The founder, Darren Craig, has been, and is, mentored by world leading experts in ads, analytics and digital marketing throughout the whole ten years of specialising in this space (some of whom can be seen in the image). We run a tight ship without the fluff and overheads of bigger agencies, and based on hundreds of digital reviews, bigger definitely does not mean better!

Get GA4 Setup Correctly

Gain maximum insights into your digital spend and effort.

Make your ad spend more targeted and get more bang for your buck.

Own Your Data

We always set up accounts under YOUR ownership. Your data will never be held "hostage"

Get Google's Missing Reports

We'll recreate Google's missing GA4 reports in a special menu so you don't lose out

Experts with Booking Systems

We've worked with many booking systems for tourism and other industries like IBIS, Rezdy, Fareharbor and more.

The rollout has been confusing

Even analytics pros like ourselves are flabbergasted how confusing this rollout has been. Things are still changing only weeks before the cut off date, and Google are popping up warnings left right and centre making the setup sound like a one click wizard...EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY UPGRADED!

This can lead to incorrect actions. This video sums it up very well.

Numbers Can Lie

With incorrect setups your digital data and insights can be incorrect which could lead you making the wrong decisions with your marketing.

With one example, a client previously made one seemingly small change to their website, and broke their data. Google Analytics said all of their revenue was coming from Direct visitors to their website and none via Organic search. It was not true. Imagine the incorrect decisions that could have been made as a result, especially when they were running a Google Ads campaign at the time.

If you are not feeding and paid advertising algorithms the correct data, they cannot do their job which means you could be giving Google far more ad spend than you need to.

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There's nothing worse than realising your setup is incorrect many months after you did it. You cannot get that data back.

We will ensure you get :

  • Full visibility on important actions on your website*

  • Confidence your digital marketing data is setup correctly

  • Google's "missing" reports added to your menu for ease

  • All your Google properties linked to maximise your insights

  • Full ownership of your data - we set it up correctly and everything is in YOUR account under YOUR ownership

    * subject to the limitations of any software in your online ecosystem

Google's Clock Is Ticking
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...he went above and beyond with this as well. He set up some conversion tracking I didn’t even know was possible.



Esther Small
Hydro Attack

From Google Reviews

Thanks Darren for helping my agency team with their challenges they were having with GA4 setups. You know what you are talking about.



Tracey Voyce
Digital Agency Owner

From Google Reviews

Amazing presentation at WordCamp 2019 a very knowledgeable company to work with.



Emmanuel Lowen
Conference Attendee

From Google Reviews

Fully Charged Media was very helpful to me in understanding what it would take to migrate one of my client's sites from UA to G4. Not only did Darren take time to understand the business and its goal but also had great ideas of how to better set things up and understand the data for the future.



Erin Jenkins
Digital Agency Owner

From Google Reviews


Why is Google forcing businesses to make this move?

It's a good point as Google are giving businesses no choice but to move to GA4 if they want accurate data.

A lot of this is due to privacy changes over the last couple of years and setting up what they say is more accurate tracking across devices. It's a bit more technical than that, but that's the brief version.

Will our existing Universal Analytics data be migrated into the new Google Analytics 4?

No. Google Analytics 4 collects data very differently and to an extent it wouldn't make like for like comparisons. GA4 is more an events based model whereas Universal Analytics (the current version) is more User and Session focused.

Solutions may appear for this but more likely they will rely on exporting data to databases like Big Query.

Will Google's automatic migration be enough?

Google are doing everything they can to make you move and put pressure on you to move, including them automatically creating a GA4 "Property". Even if you've made the move there will still be popups and warnings which may make some people do it twice.

Due to the confusion a senior Google employee confirmed on a LinkedIn post this migration will be very basic. It will also have to rely on your current Universal Analytics configuration.

We find most businesses are not tracking what they should in their existing version. Phone calls, emails and contact form submissions will not be tracked by default, and they cannot make changes to any third party systems for you like booking systems or ecommerce.

Can we not just do the migration ourselves?

You can but do you have the experience and the time to be confident it's done well?

Analytics is often the source of insights and decisions across all digital marketing so it pays to get it done correctly the first time as if correct, for many businesses it doesn't need any big changes going forward

You need to ensure whoever is doing it has the right experience and knowledge. If it's done incorrectly it can lead to data that's incorrect and ad campaigns that cannot be optimised.

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